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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Outsourcing Your Homework?

Bangalore based TutorVista can help. At $99.99 a month for unlimited one-on-one tutoring, online tutoring from this Indian firm is less expensive than American private tutors charging $50 an hour or more. Available 24 hours a day in most subjects and levels of education, it is also more accessible.

One problem with the No Child Left Behind Act is that 80% of the kids entitled to after-school tutoring - at taxpayers' expense - are not getting it, according to a new government report. And some rural districts offer no tutoring at all. The potential spend of the federal government on private tutoring involves tens of millions nationwide, and TutorVista has its sights set on these federal tutoring dollars funneling to states, starting with Florida. If TutorVista can qualify to tap into that money, it would be competing with tutoring giants such as Sylvan and Kaplan, with tutors in India paid the equivalent of $275 to $300 a month. This TIME article reports that in an important step in this direction, the company announced in early August that its service would be free to children in the 10 poorest rural counties in the U.S.:

The Bangalore-based TutorVista, which last fall began providing online tutoring to U.S. students in everything from grammar to geometry, last week announced it will provide a year of free tutoring to kids in the 10 poorest rural counties in the U.S.

That means all students in, say, Texas' Zavala County or South Dakota's Ziebach County can get first-rate help--which ordinarily would cost $20 an hour -regardless of whether their school is performing poorly enough to be on the NCLB's watch list. (The only catch for kids in impoverished, remote areas: they must have access to a high-speed modem.)

The company blends today's hottest topics which are also the fastest growing areas in India: outsourcing, technology enabled services and the internet, free enterprise, and education. Weave into this fabric the thread of social responsibility, and you have a sure recipe for success which, in this case, is spelled TutorVista.

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